Meet Jennifer




Welcome! I’m Jennifer Pape of Extra Organized, a Home and Office Organizing Service. As a professional organizer, I am dedicated to helping my clients become more organized in their lives to make space for the things that matter most.


Fascinated from an early age about how our own thoughts and habits work, I studied and received a degree in Psychology. This education helped me develop effective listening and people skills as well as a deeper understanding of how our minds work.

Harnessing my strong analytical nature, I then pursued an MBA in Finance and worked for over 10 years in Corporate Financing. Here, I spent my time analyzing strategic investment opportunities, underwriting hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial assets, and balancing the monthly and year end books.


Although, my career started in business finance, my strong passion for organizing lead me to start my own business as a professional organizer. Inspired to make a difference in people’s life’s, I am able to utilize my strong organizing and analytic skills and collective experiences to help my clients get organized, reduce stress and get back their time to enjoy living.  I became an organizer because I simply love organizing. It started as a hobby and has grown into my professional career. I love the challenge of streaming spaces and creative problem solving. Mostly, I love seeing the smiling faces of my happy clients when they realize they are on the other side of organized.


I also became an organizer to inspire and empower people. I believe we all have the ability to take control of our environments to create an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle for ourselves. I know the peace that comes through productivity. But sometimes, stuff gets in the way of our own happiness. And then we pile on more emotional guilt when we can’t get out from under our stuff. I understand the importance of supporting you through the transition to organized. My goal is simply to help you conquer your overflowing closets and stuck projects and get you back to living your best life. This is truly work that I love. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my clients living a more productive and fulfilling life, free from their former overwhelm and never ending stress. I’d love to hear more about what you want out of life and how we can organize you to get there.


Extra Organized is a professional home and business organizing service offering customized systems and solutions for executives, busy professionals and stay-at-home parents looking for a stress free way to clear clutter, increase organization, improve focus and boost productivity, resulting in more resources and time to spend on what matters most. Based in Orlando, Florida, our services include hands-on, in-home or office organizing appointments for the surrounding Central Florida area. Virtual organizing services are also available over the phone, skype and by email.